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Employers - improve parking, CSR and staff retention

Employees - cut travel costs, travel time and travel stress


Benefits to the Employer

  • Parking problems are addressed/reduced/eliminated
  • Reduction of onsite parking costs
  • Reduced on-site congestion
  • Recruitment/retention improved due to improved journeys to work
  • Corporate image is improved
  • Improved customer/visitor experience
  • Business travel/mileage cost are cut
  • Improved staff health and wellbeing
  • Neighbour relations are improved
  • Environmental and social obligations are met

Benefits to the Staff

  • Parking can be guaranteed for those who most need it
  • Primary designated parking spaces for car sharers
  • Reduction in travel costs
  • Equal opportunities are provided
  • Travel perks are based on sustainability rather than seniority
  • Opportunities exist to build exercise into daily routines
  • Journey times are reduced
  • Staff arrive at their desk less stressed
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