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 Carbon-neutral Car Benefit Scheme

Tusker, market leaders in Car Benefit Schemes, have partnered with easitNETWORK to provide a bespoke, carbon reduction benefit scheme. Eligible employees can access a new car, complete with insurance, road tax, breakdown cover, servicing and maintenance, for a fixed monthly amount taken directly from their salary.

The scheme allows employees to replace their older, less efficient, high CO2 emitting vehicles with a low or even zero-emitting car, thereby reducing overall emissions and saving employees hundreds of pounds in fuel costs every year.

Proven to reduce employee turnover, attract and retain key talent, Tusker provide a hassle-free way of providing a benefit to your employees, and one that is simple for them to access. Employees visit the Tusker site, view the cars available and place their order, with minimal admin for employers to complete.

Tusker also offer easitNETWORK members a sustainability fund for each tonne of carbon reduced by employees taking a car on the scheme. Organisations are rewarded £30 per tonne which is put into the fund and which can be used to deliver sustainability projects of your organisation’s choice - eg, solar panels, charge posts, power saving devices etc. The average contribution is £102 per vehicle.

For more information please email


Rotational staff parking schemes

Many businesses find that they just don't have enough parking spaces to accommodate all their staff who chose to drive to work. As well as encouraging more staff to car-share, a solution is to introduce a Rotational Parking Scheme policy. Put simply, this means that all staff will be provided with a pass that allows them to use the car park for a proportion of their working week and for the day they are not allowed to park, they will need to arrange car-sharing, use public transport, cycle or walk.

The easitTEAM have the experience to consult and implement a variey of workplace parking schemes, so please contact us for more information




Co-wheels Car Club

easitMEMBER's can benefit from FREE membership (worth £25) plus £10 driving credit.

Car Clubs provide the convenience and flexible access to a car without all the costs of owning one!  Co-wheels now run car clubs in over 60 locations across the UK, providing low emission, hybrid and electric cars on a pay-as-you-go basis 


Enterprise Car Club

EntEnterprise have over 450 cars based across Surrey, Brighton, Southampton & London and easitMEMBER's can now benefit from £10 Annual Standard membership (Normally £60) with £15 of FREE driving credit!


Electric vehicle chargers

On top of the current government grants available on home and workplace electric chargers and installations, easitMEMBER's also benefit from additional discounts with EO.  For more information please email