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As well as being an effective method to reduce congestion and travel costs, cycling is also a great way to introduce physical activity into everyday life. Employees who build exercise into their day are likely to be healthier and more alert at work. With only a little effort on your part, cycling can make up a significant proportion of commutes to your organisations site.
Improving the standard and availability of cycle parking is one of the most immediate things that you can do to encourage cycling to work. There is much guidance available on this issue though the main principles are that the facility is secure and is located in a place where it is highly visible (right next to the main entrance is perfect). It's also better to make sure the bikes are under cover as cycle chains can rust in the rain.

Loan Bikes

To encourage those wishing to try out their daily commute to work on a bicycle before having to commit to the expense of purchasing one, easitNETWORK will loan bikes for an agreed period of time. We have a selection of male, female, folders (to overcome the peak hour ban on trains) and electric bikes which can be delivered to your offices, fully serviced and ready to go. There is a one off charge of between £25 - £40 for the delivery, collection and servicing of the bicycle (dependent on location).

Cycle-to-work scheme

easitNETWORK members have access to a cost effective and tax efficient way to provide a bicycle and accessories to its employees through a salary sacrifice arrangement with P&MM. Employees can make savings in tax and national insurance whilst enjoying a healthier commute. Please contact for more information.

Halfords Discount's

easitMEMBERS are able to benefit from two in-store (only) discounts including:

  • 10% on all bikes
  • 15% discount on cycling accessories


Discounts with local retailer

easitOXFORD members receive 10% discount in-store off New Bike purchases & 15% off Servicing & Accessories with Walton Street Cycles

easitOXFORD members receive 12% discount off Cycle Hire charges with Bainton Bikes

easitHAMPSHIRE members receive 10% discount off bike purchases, accessories & servicing with Basing Cycles

easitBRIGHTON&HOVE members receive 10% discount on eBikes & 15% on safety related accessories with Electric Bikes Sussex

easitEAST SUSSEX members receive 10% discount on eBikes & 15% on safety related accessories with Electric Bikes Sussex

Discount with Brompton Bike Hire

easitMEMBERS receive a 50% discount off the Frequent Membership Brompton Bike Hire


10% discount with the UK based eBike manufacturer Cyclotricity. Price includes delivery and one year guarantee.

Electric folding Beat Bikes

State-of-the-art, electro-assisted, foldable, light weight, easy to charge bikes. easitMEMBERS benefit from 25% discount on-line with Beatbikes

Motorbike/scooter discounts

With Doble Motorcycles - easitEAST SURREY members only


Important!   Varying terms & conditions apply to each discount. Full details can be found via the 'Discounts' button on your account page once registered on the easitWEBSITE.   Please read carefully!