Imagine owning a shiny new eco-friendly car on a cost efficient scheme.  Or having convenient, flexible access to a car - without the cost of owning one!

We can help with all sorts of car club and workplace parking schemes, too.  Don't be driven around the bend: just ask 



Sharing your journey to work has never been easier with easitSHARE. Not only is it free to join but you can choose the day or days you want to share. Whether you want a buddy to share a car, train, bus, bike, motorcycle or taxi journey with or you just want someone to walk to work with, easitSHARE can help you. To access easitSHARE just login to your easitACCOUNT and select either the green easitSHARE tab at the top of the page or the selec the orange easitSHARE 'Share your journey to work button' on your Dashboard. 


Carbon-neutral Car Benefit Scheme

Would you like to replace your old, less efficient, high CO emitting car with a low or even zero-emitting car - and saving hundreds of pounds in fuel costs?

We've partnered with Tusker to provide a bespoke, carbon reduction benefit scheme.  It's a simple and hassle-free staff incentive proven to reduce employee turnover and attract and retain talent.

If eligible and your organisation has signed up, you can access a new car, complete with insurance, road tax, breakdown cover, servicing and maintenance (phew!), for a fixed monthly amount taken directly from your salary saving you both tax and NI. 

What's more, Tusker also offers a sustainability fund for each tonne of carbon reduced by employees taking a car.   Your organisation will be rewarded £30 per tonne, with £102 per vehicle contributed on average.    This is put into the fund towards a sustainablity project of your choice eg, solar panels, charge posts, power saving devices etc. 

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Rotational staff parking schemes

'Aaaargh, I drove round and round and round and I still couldn't find anywhere to park!'

Is this frustration often heard in your office?

If you've more employees than you've car park spaces, we've the perfect solution...  a Rotational Parking Scheme. It's a fancy name for a simple idea: each member of staff has a pass for a car park space for part of the week. 

And on the days they can't use the car park, they just need to come in by car share or public transport.  Or cycle, run, walk, skip...

It's fair.  It's good for the environment.  And it means no more moans and groans. 

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Co-wheels Car Club

Co-wheels runs car clubs in over 60 UK locations, providing low emission, hybrid and electric cars on a pay-as-you-go basis.

  • FREE membership (worth £25) plus £10 driving credit.

Enterprise Car Club

Enterprise has over 450 cars across Surrey, Brighton, Southampton & London 

  • £10 Annual Standard membership (normally £60) plus £15 driving credit!


Electric vehicle chargers

On top of the current government grants available on home and workplace electric chargers and installations, easitMEMBERS benefit from additional discounts with EO Charging.  

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