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The easitCARD is proof of your membership to our easitCOMMUNITY and will allow you to access many transport discounts.

Your company must be registerd to one of our easitNETWORK's to give you access to the easitCARD, so please check with HR department or email

The easitCARD costs £4.80 (inc VAT) and is valid for 1 year and 3 weeks to allow enough time for the card to be produced and posted out to you. The card must be paid for online.

Not all the easitINITIATIVES require you to have the easitCARD so please check full details by registering with us here . Registering is free to do and will only take a couple of minutes to set up your page. Once you have done this, you will have access to a 'Discounts' button on the top, left of your screen - select this and then select the discounts you are interested in for full terms and conditions.

To renew your easitCARD, please return to your registration page and select the 'To Purchase or Renew the easitCARD' box.

If you have lost your card, please return to your registration page and select the 'Re-issue' box.  The cost is £2.75 (inc VAT) to re-issue.

We will send you a reminder email approximately 4 weeks prior to the expiry of the card however, please be aware some emails may be blocked by your company firewall or end up as spam, so please make a note in your calendar as a reminder to renew.

If you need any assistance with your easitCARD, please contact our Customer Support Team by emailing Please be aware our working week is Monday - Wednesday, but we will do our best to answer all enquiries as quickly as possible.

easitNETWORK is a small social enterprise designed to encourage commuters to consider using sustainable transport methods during their daily commute for the benefit of our environment, to help keep fit and active and to address the growing congestion issues we are faced with today.

Thank you for your support!