As a member of the easitCOMMUNITY,  you need to register to access and enjoy all sorts of incredible easitINITIATIVES and travel discounts, some of which will require an easitCARD as proof of your membership, also at an equally incredible cost of just £5.90 

Check first that your company already belongs to one of our easitNETWORKS by asking your HR department or drop us a line

The easitCARD is valid from the date of order for 1 year and 3 weeks (we like to add wiggle room to allow for production and postal delivery). Please allow 2-3 working weeks for it to arrive.

Warning - please ensure your postal address is correct when ordering an easitCARD. Cards returned due to being incorrectly addressed will incur an admin charge of £1.10 to be resent. 



Need a new easitCARD?

We'll email a reminder about 4 weeks before your card expires (this may get blocked by your company firewall or end up as spam, so do make a note of the renewal date).  

Visit your Dashboard to order the easitCARD.


Lost an easitCARD?

Visit your Dashboard and select the Lost card button.  The replacement fee is £3.65.


Need Help?

No problem.  Our customer support team is ready and waiting and we promise to answer your enquiries as speedily as possible - just drop us a line