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easitRAIL Discounts

15% Southern – available across the whole network (except central London zones 1,2 & 3).

15% South West Trains – for journeys to: Wokingham, Reading, Winnersh Triangle, Bracknell, Andover, Basingstoke, Cosham, Farnborough, Fratton, Hillsea, Portsmouth Harbour, Portsmouth & Southsea Central and Winchester Stations.

15% First Great Western – for journeys to: Reading, Oxford, Maidenhead, Wokingham & Farnborough North.

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Questions and Answers

  • Who is entitled to this discount?

    Only staff of easitMEMBER companies are eligible to access easitINITIATIVES.

  • What happens if my employer terminates its membership of easit or I leave my job?

    The initiatives are only valid while you are in the employ of an easitMEMBER organisation.

  • What type of tickets can be purchased to get the discount?

    For current information, please visit and select the relevant initiative button.

  • Can I buy Off-peak tickets and still receive a discount?

    Full details for valid ticket types can be found available on the rail pages of this site.

  • Can I buy a Travelcard and receive the easitDISCOUNT?

    No. Travelcards (zonal ticket allowing unlimited travel on London’s public transport network) are not part of our initaitives and therefore not discounted.

  • Can I use another Railcard in conjunction with my easitCARD?

    No further discount can be received on top of the easitDISCOUNT.  We advise you to check the best deal before purchasing your ticket if you have another railcard.

  • Will I be able to purchase an Annual Season ticket and receive a discount?


    In the case of Southern, you need to ensure that your easitCARD is valid for the whole duration of your seaon ticket.  You can order a new easitCARD by logging in to your easitREGISTRATION page.

  • Staff at the station refused to sell me an easitDISCOUNTED ticket. What should I do?

    Tickets cannot be retrospectively discounted but we can ensure it’s fixed for next time you try to travel on our discounts. Please email and provide us with the following:-

    The station you were trying to buy a ticket from, the ticket type e.g single or return, class of ticket, journey details, the date and time you tried to buy a discounted ticket?

  • Where do I purchase my ticket?

    You may purchase Single & Return tickets (ONLY) online at 

    All other ticket types must be purchased from the relevant ticket office i.e. tickets for Southern routes must be purchased from a Southern station, tickets for GWR routes must be purchased from a GWR station.  You will be required to show your easitCARD with every purchase. It is possible to find out who operates a station at and selecting 'stations & destinations'.

  • How do I get an easitCARD?

    The card costs £4.80 (inc VAT) and is available to purchase via

  • The easitCARD has not arrived.

    Please allow 3 weeks for your card to arrive. If you are outside of this time frame please log into your account and ensure that your shipping details are correct.  If they are - please email so that we may investigate.

  • The activation email hasn’t come through.

    Sometimes a corporate firewall will stop certain emails getting though to you.  Click here to request your activation email again. If it doesn’t arrive in the next five minutes, please check your junk and spam filters. If you still cant find it, then please contact your IT Helpdesk.

  • How do I change the email address associated with my account?

    If you have used a work email address to register, this cannot be changed unless it is to another email address issued by the same organisation. 

  • Do I have to have a photo on my card?

    Yes, this is what is used to identify you when traveling on our discounted tickets. Without it you are travelling unlawfully and will be fined if stopped.

  • I have applied for my card, can I now start buying and traveling on discounted tickets?

    No, unfortunately not. Until you are in possession of the easitCARD, you cannot travel on our discounted tickets. Without the card, you are travelling unlawfully and will be fined if stopped.

  • I’ve lost my easitCARD

    Please log into your account on our site and follow the prompts to order a replacement.

    • If I lose my easitCARD after purchasing the ticket, how can I identify myself to the ticket inspector?

      You MUST have an easitCARD with you at all times when travelling on an easitDISCOUNTED fare!  Failure to identify yourself as an easitMEMBER may result in a Penalty Fare.

  • Should I wish to interrupt, say a monthly ticket, because of an alternative travel arrangement (i.e. Car Share), will I be able to get a refund?

    Tickets purchased at the easit discounted rate carry the same T&C’s as a normal rail ticket, so please check with your rail operator.

  • Can I get an easitCARD for my partner, children or friend?

    Unfortunately not, only staff of easitMEMBERS are eligable for easitCARDS.

  • How is the easitCARD delivered?

    To enable us to keep the cost of the easitCARD down, we post them out using the second class Royal Mail postal service, so please allow 3 weeks for your card to be produced and posted out to you.

  • I'd like to register but my employer isn't a member.

    In that case, please pass our details on to someone in your HR Team and we'll be happy to have a chat with them about what's involved in joining an easitNETWORK.

  • My rail discount is not being applied on-line?

    Please check that you have selected the correct rail network from the dropdown list (see image below). Otherwise please check that your journey qualifies as a discounted route –



  • How do I use the easitDISCOUNT at Halfords?

    Please log into your account on our website. Select the 'Discounts' button and then relevant 'Halfords' button. You will then find the necessary information.

  • How do I know which discounts are available to me?

    Please log into your easitACCOUNT and select the 'Your discounts' button.

  • Does my journey qualify for a discount?

    Each rail operator has their own Terms & Conditions.  Please take a look at our rail page and read carefully. i.e. Journeys TO a destination mean just that, and not any journey along that route.

  • I am having a problem cropping my photo image

    This is one of two issues, either your firewall at work is stopping the site from cropping the picture or you're using one of the old versions of our site. 
    Please click on this link to ensure you're working on the correct site and try to complete the process from a smart phone or tablet. 
    If neither work, please email

  • Why didn't I receive a reminder to renew the easitCARD?

    Although reminders are always emailed out, unfortunately they can become clogged up in firewalls from time to time. Because of this, we always suggest that you make a note of the expiry date and order 3-4 weeks before that.

  • Can I change my shipping address once my card has been ordered?

    I'm afraid that for security reasons, our cards must be shipped to the address that was used during the order process.

  • Can I have a discount if my journey crosses from one rail network to another?

    Because our discounts are negotiated exclusively with each train company, you cannot apply a discount if crossing from one train company to another.

  • When should I order a new easitCARD?

    Our cards are valid for one year and three weeks to allow for delivery which takes 2-3 weeks. We therefore strongly recommend that you order a new easitCARD at least 3 weeks prior to the expiry of the current easitCARD.

  • Why does it take 2-3 weeks for the cards to arrive?

    easit is a small Social Enterprise and our aim is always to keep costs as low as possible.

    With that in mind, we have aimed to strike a balance between timeframes for delivery and costs. Our cards are under £5 and offer excellent value for money.

  • Can I get a discount if I include a PlusBus ticket?

    As our rail discounts are negotiated with the specific train company, for routes on their network, they cannot be combined with any other tickets.

  • Can I purchase an easitDISCOUNTED ticket from the guard on the train?

    Unfortunately not. As our discounts are genuine discounts off of the cost of the normal fares, they are closely controlled. You can therefore only purchase tickets in line with the details on the rail page on our website.

  • Can I buy an easitDISCOUNTED ticket from a ticket machine at the station?

    Unfortunately not. As our discounts are genuine discounts off of the cost of the normal fares, they are closely controlled. You can therefore only purchase tickets in line with the details on the rail page on our website.