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Traffic removal: initiatives to improve the nation's health

The related problems of air pollution and congestion impact negatively on key risks to the public's health: namely cardiovascular disease, lung cancer and respiratory diseases, along with rising obesity levels brought about by the lack of physical activity due to car-dominated lifestyles and road safety fears. Many transport academics and practitioners are asking if some form of road pricing is essential inn order to reduce traffic volumes and so help to fix these challenges?  

The recent University Transport Study Group conference at University College London included several presentations on air pollution, its impacts on health and the shortcomings of current methods of addressing it. A recurring message was that technological improvements (including electrification) and the blunt instrument of Clean Air Zones are unlikely to be enough.  In many places, the volume of traffic will have to be reduced if the worst impacts on human health are to be averted. Should traffic removal projects be packaged with financial measures, such as workplace parking levies? Read more here  

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16 Jan.